Athlete to Athlete Development

Rostrd is a platform that connects former college and professional athletes, with youth-athletes, as mentors and coaches.

For Parents
Connecting with private coaches has never been safer and easier. Advance your kids' athletic development with Rostrd.
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Pick coaches in your area for different sports, from different schools, and with all types of experience.
Transparent Ratings
See coaches' ratings and hours coached on Rostrd right from their profile.
Coaching Certification
Every new coach must pass a coaching certification course. We also provide access for coaches to continue their education by offering additional classes.
Safety is Important
Rest easy knowing that all coaches have cleared a background check. (We also get real-time updates if anything does come up in the future).
Qualified Coaches
All coaches have been personally recruited and vetted by our team. We make sure we are choosing the most qualified coaches for your kids.
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For Sports Talent
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Create a profile with your bio, accomplishments, and coaching style.
Set Your Session Rate
Set your own rate and schedule. Work part-time or full-time to help kids achieve their goals.
Access to Certifications
Get certified through Rostrd, and gain access to further training through our partners.